Thursday, December 12, 2013

#Stop Competing with Gisele

Oh Gisele.

A simple hashtag and instagram pic and mothers everywhere are picking up their iPhones and taking vicious selfies to try to demonstrate how their multi-tasking is better than yours.

Ladies..repeat after me:  I will not compete with Gisele-international supermodel.  She is a SUPER model, it is her job to keep a maintained exterior.  If genetically I was predisposed to become an international super model, I would humbly accept my destiny and move on.

Her life entails traveling across the world, modeling, maintaining a family, supporting super-stud quarterback husband and oh yeah btw feeding another human with her own body!  (I think breastfeeding any mini-human with teeth is just plain old risky.)  My life entails a 40 minute commute to and from work, teaching the youth of America, telling computer nerd husband that he is sexy and putting vegetables on a Thomas the Train dinner plate.  If we were to make a Venn diagram, comparing and contrasting our lives, in the middle compare column would be the following:

(Working) Mother

    In my opinion these similarities are pretty significant.  At our core, we are on the same team!  Let's support each other and stop competing! Stop competing, it's not worth it.  Use that energy to celebrate your own fabulousness (and the fact that you don't have to shave your legs if you don't want to).  So while Gisele shares her "multi-tasking" selfies on instagram, I will keep my selfies limited to snap chat and go on about my day.

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