Friday, December 27, 2013

Postage Due.

So, I was slow to send out Christmas cards this year.  After much procrastination, I finally got my act together I got them done in about one day.  In the era of cell phone photos and then one hour returns on cards it wasn't difficult .  Wally world and I worked together and they were done in about 1.5 hours.  I then sat up bleary eyed after the kids went to bed and addressed them all.  I found stamps and return labels and things were moving along quite nicely.

Then I ran out of stamps.

Side note.....(So the hubs is technically on staff at our church and he and I have been hired/nominated to bring the fun bus to the middle school program there.  So I send out postcards to the kids if they miss 4 consecutive weeks of church.  They say something like, "We miss you, come back, we are doing really fun things, etc etc." So I have stamps to send out the post cards for CHURCH.)

I looked at these CHURCH stamps with hesitation.  I just wanted to get this done.  I wondered if it was technically a sin to use these stamps provided by the CHURCH for my Christmas cards and then replace them the following week.

I decided that God would be ok with it.  'Tis the season, right?!  I slapped those CHURCH stamps on about half of our Christmas cards.  The next day Mini #2 and I drove to the post office and mailed them.

I exhaled, feeling a-mom-mazing that the cards were mailed before Christmas.  I drove about half a block away and then a massive wave of panic came over me.  I started to sweat. panic.  I had made a huge holiday blunder.

A forever stamp is 46 cents.  The CHURCH stamps were 33 cent postcard stamps!  This leaves 13 cents of postage due!  Merry Christmas friends and family.  You owe the post office 13 unlucky cents just to view our cheeseball family santa picture card.... ugh. Happy New Year?

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