Friday, December 6, 2013

Not Sorry, "just sayin'"

I have several high quality girlfriends.  For which I am extremely blessed.  I have to say we work hard at it and at this point in the game, with mini-humans and partners, we do a pretty good job.  We are in contact fairly often and see each other about once a month.

One of my dearest friends had recently lost her father to cancer...#sucktastic.  Since we have been friends for decades, I feel her feelings.  I want to absorb them and take all her grief away.  She is that amazing friend, you know the one you can sit and be quiet with?  They are the best.  Sip tea. Stare at each other.  Just be and not have to fill the air with emotional chow chow because you know each others shit.  Why chatter about it if you are not in the mood.

Well I visited her home recently and much like when others visit mine, you feel the need to I the only one?  At this point it is a habit.  A bad habit.  "Oh, I'm sorry my house is a mess (even if I cleaned furiously beforehand).  Oh come on in, don't mind my smelly dog.  Oh sorry, ignore the dishes." blah blah blah verbal vomit. fake apologies.

When I entered her home, we exchanged loving hellos and then she said, oh geez, I didn't even ____________  (fill in the meaningless house work chore.)  Then she stopped and checked herself and then declared with a sly grin, " No, you know what, I am sorry that I am NOT sorry."

I LOVE a good truth statement.  We hugged even tighter and didn't say anything, just laughed.

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