Sunday, December 22, 2013

Love.... is Actually....All Around.

Here are my top picks for a well rounded Christmas movie watching experience.  Please note these are not classics, but very well could be...someday. All are fairly current.  So no shooting your eye out or anything.

Elf:  Funny. Who couldn't love Will Ferrell, Bob Newhart and James Caan working out paternity issues between uptight business man, Santa Claus and gargantuan elf.  Besides, the bathroom singing by Zoey Deschanel is so killer.  Is it really her? ahh who cares.

Love Actually: Amazing.  Hands down..The.Best.Christmas.Movie.EVER. Excellent cast, great intertwining story lines.  Girls love it and guys secretly/and or not so secretly love it as well.  A true win! 

Holiday in Handcuffs: While a smidge Unconventional, Melissa Joan Hart explains it all, and well Mario Lopez, I love his dimples.  # TeamSlater.

Cooper's Christmas: A family tapes their Christmas holiday with a camcorder and shit gets craaaaaazy.  Recommended by my sister (aka Lil'Dudah).  Never have I ever watched a "Christmas" movie that is sooooo wrong/raunchy/dysfunctional/80s in my entire life.  

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