Saturday, June 28, 2014

Summer Obsessions

For a teacher, summer is a sacred time when a tiredass caterpillar can metamorphosize into a rad freakin' butterfly.  You have the opportunity to become new.  You can re-invent yourself! With 8 weeks of boundless potential my brain gets excited and synapses in a thousand different directions.

So far this summer I am inspired to make changes in order to be authentic to the feelings I want to feel and the things I want to do.  After attending a local workshop called #ownyourhappy put on by Amber at Brand Love and Emily Ballard, I have spent a week or so just ruminating about a question posed there.  Many truth statements precipitated throughout the day but this one still has me going.

The Question:
 If you could do anything (money/skill/time/childcare/education are not an issue) and knew that you would be wildy successful at it, what would you do?

  -Sub-question for myself:
  -What would you do if you weren't afraid about what someone else would think?

So far here is my list (in a verbal vomit order):

..... I would write children's books/board books with sassy-ass blog post in the back for the mamas.

..... I would buy a yellow motorcycle and re-teach myself how to ride.

....I would have a garden including vegetables and fruit trees and lots of basil. I love pesto.

.....I would get more tattoos.  On my arm.  Yeah, in a visible place.  Who cares.

.....I would create a line of little girl clothes with embroidery on those weird bloomer underwear things: like, "If I'm crawling, I'm falling.  So I guess, in turn I would use my sewing machine more.

..... I would teach a year of 8th grade science entirely centered around trees.  I love them.  Trees are great friends and good neighbors- as well as producers of oxygen. Just sayin'

..... I would work again as a pharmacy technician at an independent pharmacy.  There was something about make small talk with elderly people that I absolutely loved.

..... I would wear more random logo t-shirts, bigger earrings and funky headbands made out of tribal looking fabric.

.....I would move to another country for the summer and immerse myself in a new language. First Italian.  Ciao Bella!

If you could do anything...and would be great at it, what would you do?  #yourlist

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  1. Great list, Meredith! And it's all do-able. Follow your passions and express the you that you want to be. I think you would be awesome at writing children's books.
    If I could do anything and be great at it...hmmm...I would be a documentary filmmaker!