Friday, June 13, 2014


I  LOVE Panera.  Let me be clear that I HATE their spotty wifi connection, but their Chicken Casear Salads are delightful.

Panera, I like like you.

Years ago before the stresses of kids, marriage, etc, I used to meet my teacher girlfriends at Panera once a week to decompress after teaching.  Incredible right?  One afternoon, after work, I got in line to order my crack-salad and a latte.  I told them my name: Meredith.  They didn’t ask for clarification how to spell it, normally they are close anyways so it was a mutual who-cares situation.

Later on, my husband looked at the ticket, laughing and said "What the hell happened?"

The receipt said: 
Order for: Mdrdader.  ***Here***

So now at home, I am occasionally referred to as Mdrdader pronounced mah-der-dah-der.  I love it!

So from that point on to make things more streamline, if I am at Panera or a nail appointment, etc, the name I use is Mary.  Who can’t spell Mary?!  It’s a classic name, trending circa 1700s, Mary-mother of God, Mary Magdalene, Mary Queen of Scotts, Mary Tyler Moore and Mary J. Blige, etc.

Today I ordered and this happened:

Lesson of the day:
Mothers: No name is safe, so don't sweat the small stuff.
Don't waste your precious preggo time on baby name message boards.  Don't ask your friends and family for their input, don't buy a book or tweet about it.  Take a nap and rock on with your bad self! Go ahead name your kid: Jordynn, Brandn or Nevaeh.  Hell, I named my kid Maey. 


  1. As someone with the last name Boisvert, I approve this message.

  2. Agreed Dan, that is a hard one! I feel like those with Canuck blood in them would be more confident than others..if your not from New England I can't imagine how it has been butchered....