Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Pinch the Fat

I have a dear friend who I am in constant contact with.  This is not an exaggeration (That's why it is italicized, bold faced AND underlined.)  We call each other almost every day on the way to work (at 6 am).  We email. Text. Send snail mail.... and of course visit in person.  We never seem to tire of knowing the meaningless details of each others lives.  During our ten years of friendship we have also pinched the fat.

Yes, you read that correctly.   She has on several occasions pinched me with weird caliper things to determine my percentage of body fat.  At 21, I thought pinching the fat was funny.  At 31, the thought of pinching the fat is horrifying.

Um...this is pinching fat? 

Never the less, Starting this past Sunday I began my never-ending-quest to be healthier.  My dear friend is the administrator of a cross fit/paleo eating challenge.  I will bravely enter my measurements into a google form once a week and submit whether or not I ate "clean" or "cheated."  I will also submit my time for a 1 mile run and 500 yd swim since I am not a cross fit girl.  

I want this change in my health for me and I want to be a good role model of health for my children.  Hopefully these changes will become habit and they will never remember the woman who ate her feelings and downed boxes of junior mints followed by a large ice coffee chaser.

Hopefully I will be able to visit dear friend in person sometime soon.

Unfortunately/Fortunately dear friend reads my blog.  I am almost certain she will bring the calipers to pinch the fat.....

**Wish me luck!**

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