Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Simple Life

I resolve in 2014 to live a simple life and consume less.  Since managing physical things has always been a challenge for me, I have decided to try to have less STUFFLess STUFF = less crap to manage.

This is a tall order (especially in a house with: two adults suffering from varying degrees of ADD, a mini who is 2 years old, a baby who is a poop machine and a crazy karma dog.)

Just writing that was intense.  Deep cleansing breaths.  

In order to achieve this, I first need to evaluate and restructure my physical environment. 

The evaluation process will include these steps:
-Put Away
-Throw Away

Simultaneously when my family and I need STUFF, I will use this not-shopping list.

All sassing aside, I would love any other suggestions.  Please comment electronically.  Cleaning out virtual STUFF will have to wait until 2015. 

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