Monday, January 6, 2014

I Can't/Can't I?

"I can't." said mini-human #1 in a matter of fact tone.  Then he threw his hands up in the air, looked at me and waited for a response.

What?!  Where had he learned this word?! 

Then, naturally, I panicked.  Oh dear lord did he hear it from me? Crap. If only I could be as forgiving with myself as I am with my students or minis.....  I continued to spiral:  If he says "I can't," at daycare, do they just do it for him?!  The thought of which made me feel equally enraged.  I quickly formulated a response - because he was staring at me...and let's be honest, for quick thinking it was a-mom-mazing.

1) Did you try? If you did and were not met with success, proceed to step 2.

2.) Did you ask for help?  If Step 2 includes a please mama, proceed to step 3.

3.)  Okay, I will show you how.

Let's be honest, Mini #1 tried to put Thomas the Train through the tunnel and into the station one more time and he did it.  To which he exclaimed, "I CAN do it!"  Excellent work mini.  Now skip steps 2 and 3 and chuff along.  After all:

 I can't.

read in reverse is...

Can't I?

An old video, re-posted. 
Love love love how it illustrates a shift from negativity to positivity.


  1. Love this one, Meredith! And that quick thinking was definitely a-mom-mazing!