Saturday, January 4, 2014


New Year, new approach.  So today I started with my clothes.  I began to sort:

Work Clothes that Fit
Casual Clothes that Fit
Maternity Clothes- Summer/Winter, 
Clothes that should fit but do not... and 
clothes that have an ELASTIC WAISTBAND.  

I am not looking for pity by writing about the fact that I have a new found section of my closet with pants that have an ELASTIC WAISTBAND.  Quite the opposite.  If we are having a conversation and I am whiny about how my body looks after two kids I want you to say the following things to me: 

Breaking Bad.  (Not just a season, the ENTIRE SERIES)
Junior mints. 
Midnight snacking. 
Orange is the New Black.  (The one and only ENTIRE SEASON.)
Flavored coffee, cream AND sugar. 

"What's my excuse?," I clearly don't have one.  However shame on me, if I don't do crunches during the much anticipated second season of Orange is the New Black

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