Saturday, July 19, 2014


Today my co-workers gathered to celebrate the life of our friend, Ed, who died earlier this year.  He was 48.  (One of the many reasons why January and February sucked-ass this year.)

This past week was Ed's birthday and it was decided that we should gather today to be with his wife and daughter.  The weather was forgiving: partly cloudy and warm.  Co-workers discussed their summer adventures, some lamenting that only a month remained. Kids shared toys willingly.  Adults sipped iced coffee while passing babies.

ONE of Ed's favorite sayings was: "Whatever."  (Emphasize the Boston-ish/Southern NH accent: so "Whateva" but say it as you exhale.)  In fact, this saying was so well known that it was on his obituary card.

Ride home from BBQ:
-Why did we go to the BBQ today?

Well, my friend died and moved to heaven. So today we were getting together with his friends and family so we can be together. (It was his birthday this week and that must suck.)

-Why did he move to heaven?

Because he got very sick, very fast and his heart stopped working. (Heart attack)


I'm not sure. 

-Maybe he should get a new heart.

Gut Punch. (Please anyone change the subject)...

....Because sometimes it's not as simple as whatever.  Sometimes, its admiting that the way he lived his life was an example to us all.  He was kind- and for him it was effortless to serve others.  He helped others in their precise moment of need.  Precision is a crucial component to kindness.  I think that's what I learned from his time on Earth....because if you offer to help when it's too late, that's not helpful.

I know if he were to read this he would make fun of me and call me a something slightly offensive.  So I'll stop now.

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