Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wok the fok! My Qi is Stagnant.

Well.  I have discovered something important today....My liver qi is stagnant.  Along with this realization, I fully admit today and for the foreseeable future, that my mother is almost always right.

-Flashback to the early 90s.  - My mother received a wok for Christmas.  I kid you not, I distinctly remember her reading a book about eating broccoli and its healing/antioxidant powers....  So we ate broccoli- every evening from Christmas until about Valentines Day.  (Wok the fok.)  I also remember around this time my mother practicing Tai chi in the kitchen on Saturday mornings.  It kinda looked like she was sparring with the slowest mime on Earth....

I didn't know why my mom was mime-sparring or why I was eating the same vegetable every night for over a month, but now, I think I do.  I think her qi may have been stagnant and she was just trying to get it moving again.


Today I went to the acupuncturist.  I wanted to check it out.  This year I turn 32.....  I need way more healthy coping mechanisms in my emotional toolbox than I currently have.  So the really nice guy did the intake.  He looked at my tongue.  He set me up in a warm, quiet room and then he stuck me with little needles.  Then he came in and took them out, and I rolled on my belly and he put more in my back and he left me alone again in the warm, quiet room.  Did I mention there was soothing music on?

I recount my day in jest, but truth statement: It. was. awesome!  I felt tingly and then awake.  Not annoyed awake but calm and energized awake.  He and I had a great discussion about how it's very common and most likely that my liver qi (the organ which is the most affected by emotional chow chow emotions: anxiety/depression/stress) was most likely stagnant.  This did not sound promising.  However, he handed me a list of healthy foods to aid in the healing of the liver qi....on it? Broccoli.

I booked my next appointment and stopped by the grocery store.

I wonder what the statute of limitations for apologies for making fun of your mother and/or their cooking is?

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  1. Meredith,
    Once again, you made me chuckle. I remember the wok fondly and also know I overdid it...just a little. I don't recall that you complained about all the no apologies necessary for whatever you may have been thinking at the time. Now the Tai chi...well that was one of the best things I ever did for my body and my spirit. I learned 64 consecutive moves and for someone with little to no coordination...well, it's one of my proudest physical achievements to this day. (Too bad I haven't been able to find such a forgiving and gentle instructor since then.) Glad to hear the acupuncture helped. Wishing you peace and healing qi.
    Love, Mom