Saturday, February 15, 2014

Win/Lose and Draw: Why I am SO over January and February

Here it is an airing of grievances about the months of January and February.  My hope is that after this bitchfest summarization of a post, that I can "get over myself" and get back to my regular scheduled blogging.

1.) I returned to work.  I love my co-workers, my students are nice and after 9 years of teaching, I don't have a lot of stress about school, prep or anything like that. #WIN. WIN. WIN.

2.)  It took me a month to complete any and all assorted paperwork that accumulated during the time I was out on maternity leave. #DRAW.

3.)  My neighbor died.  Neighbor Al was 58 years old.  He lived with his deaf, senile, elderly mother.  They used to argue loudly.  Now there is a bizarre silence at the house.  When we saw the body bag removed from their house, I was hoping that his mother died, because well, she was old. Not so much it was Al.  #LOSE. LOSE.

4.)  Then about a week later, my friend/co-worker died.  Ed was 48 years old.  He was literally love with work boots on.  We were scheduled to go on a yearly gambling trip together in two weeks with other co-workers.  I was really looking forward to it.  Our school community and actual community are still in shock.  Totally unexpected and craptastic.  # LOSE LOSE LOSE.

5.)  Our house caught the plague.  We tried to avoid is basically unavoidable.  Daycare is like a petri dish.  So that was two weeks of mini-human grossness.  Whatever. #Draw

6.) We are not sleeping.  Still.  It got to the point that it was so bad, I didn't even want to talk about it, but then I felt like I had to talk about it (so to explain, my momnesia and my glazed over look.)  Finally, after process of elimination ( amber necklace, gas drops, elevated crib, sacrificing a live chicken) we determined that mini #2 had essentially a 3 week DOUBLE ear infection. #LOSE.

7.)  It takes mini #1 like hours to settle down for bed? By the time he sleeps, mini #2 is awake again.  Did I mention we are not sleeping? # LOSE.

8.)  About a week ago, the hubs and I went to Sugar Loaf mountain to hang out with friends and ski and board.  It was awesome and we both slept 8 hours in a row, two nights in a row. We also go to hang out with two other couples that make up our "Seacoast Family".  #WIN WIN.

9.)  We have an army of help.  During the ski weekend in which mini #2 was screaming every time she was put down and mini #1 had quazi decided that he wanted to be potty parentals and my in-laws manned the ship of crazy.  I am not sure what we would do without them. #WIN WIN

10.)  It won't stop snowing and our snow blower is broken and we are in a polar vortex half the time so playing outside is virtually impossible which leads to excess energy and as a sleep. #LOSE.

Well if you lost interest in my list of lamo complaints, I don't blame you.  I think I lost interest too/accidentally fell asleep.

Here's to a better March.


  1. Bravo on your great list, wifey!

  2. Meredith,
    Serious lack of sleep is so not funny...but somehow you make it sound amusing. Hugs to you all and I wish I could sprinkle some magic fairy sleeping dust over the adorable grandkids. Glad we could be a small help.